01 Data Collection

Chapters 2, 12 and 13 of the BVD Texbook.

Would you like to have some vocab ready for you for the rest of the year? Glossary of Vocab by Unit – BVD



Week of 25-29 Aug: Beginning experiments, took a quiz, and continued experiment vocab. One issue is the idea of a Placebo: Video 1 from ABC News, Video 2 from YouTube with explanations.  Further, the Relay Card Key for the Experimental Design Cards has all but question 7. That is the one I will be reading carefully!

Week of 18-22 Aug: Lots of sampling exercises. We did the Jelly Blubbers and Rolling Down River as sampling activities. We also had some vocab practice.

18 August: Starting vocab for Sampling. Chapter 12 Surveys We will be developing this vocab over the next week, so please make sure you have the terms defined.

13 August:  The W’s & H.   The PDF of the notes we did in class – The assignment is to go to http://www.sciencedaily.com/, find ONE article that interests you, and find ALL the W’s and H for it. You do not need to print it, but cite the Title and Link.


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