Wes White

In the Fall of 2010, I was able to attend an AP conference at McQueen H.S. Wes White was the presenter for the Statistics seminar, and he gave us photocopies of some of the materials he has created over the years.

Wes is a statistics teacher at Alhambra H.S. in Alhambra, CA. I asked if I could post his materials, and he graciously gave permission. What you find on this page is copyright of Wes White, and is marked as such on the pages. All pages are in the PDF format, and have answer keys attached.


Where to put an office building? [topics are using mean or median, critical thinking]

What does R squared tell us,  tell us? [informative and highly explanative for the learners!]

Sampling method- biased or unbiased? [topic is bias in sampling methods]

Will the test be effective in  identifying terrorists? [topic is Bayes thm]

Two problems for Actuaries

P values and Statistically Significant

Wes White’s Notes for exam

  • Which significance test should I use?
  • Framework for a free response answer
  • AP Statistics Exam: Structure and Scoring
  • Assumptions for intervals & tests

The TI-83 Distributions (I updated this for the Nspire)

AP Statistics: Formulas and explanations

AP Exam tips for teachers In addition to these pages, Wes has created many TI83 applications that can be found below.

I also found another page a teacher had posted.

Binomial Distribution

Wes Whites’s Stat Programs for the TI-83/84

TI-83-84 Stat Programs in a zipped archive. The programs include the following:

  • Primes.8xp
  • Pricomp.8xp
  • Perm.8xp
  • nrmsamp.8xp
  • Goodness.8xp [a Chi Square Goodness of fit for the 83, a missing distribution]
  • DotPLT.8xp [creating dotplots from data, also a missing function]
  • CLT.8xp [demonstrating the central limit theorem]
  • Birthday.8xp
  • Binomial.8xp
  • RESID.8xl
  • Rain.8xl
  • Pres.8xl
  • CPIYR.8xl
  • CPI.8xl