TMC Stats resources

There are so many awesome and amazing stats resources available to us that the hard part is sifting through them for the great lessons (or the simple lessons) we need.

STEW – The Statistics Education Web – from the American Statistical Association is a great site with vetted, well written lessons for statistics education from K-12. I would always suggest teachers start here with lessons because of their quality and depth.

The AP Stats Best Practices page on StatsMonkey has some fantastic advice from teachers who teach the content and work with the content daily. Some of these are beyond Alg 1 or Alg 2, but the advice and ideas can be simplified to work in your classes too.

The NCSSM Statistics Institutes occurred for several years and they have many lessons available to you on their pages. These are all tried and true lessons that can help your class.

If you just need a word defined, or a problem fitting your needs, or some other simple little thing, but internet searches give you so much fluff, StatTrek can be a savior. Dictionary, sample problems, and so much more. I use this site as a reference often.


Sometimes you need a hook to show learners why they need to understand statistics. This site “Spurious Correlations” gives you that hook.  Want to see how closely suicides and space spending is associated? It is here. Along with many, many more. I use this site every year and the class gets a great giggle and the realization that understanding is vital.

Statistics Done Wrong is a site devoted to the bad side of statistics. It is very in depth, but sometimes learners will ask questions like, “Why can’t I just ignore outliers?” and this site can help you find the right way to answer it.


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