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Found around the web and the U.S.

  • Stats Monkey is the authoritative place to go for AP Statistics resources. Very thorough site, and contains many resources that are hosted by the site for other teachers.
  • The AP Statistics FAQ for new teachers is also a great place to start finding resoruces. It is compiled and hosted by Mr. Derkson.
  • Dave Bock’s website Dave Bock is one of the authors of the BVD textbook we use. This is the place to get errata, and other resources specifically for our textbook.
  • BB&N AP Stats is a very active site, that has many resources and links from it to other places. This teacher cares a ton!
  • Hatboro-Horsham AP Stats is a very straightforward site that contains notes, test reviews, etc.
  • Viva Hathaway’s AP Stats I had the priviledge of attending one of Viva’s sessions at an NCTM conference. She is terrific. She creates tons of materials for her learners, and shares them with teachers over the world. I have some of her materials on this site, and I use them in class. More recently, however, her school’s site is behind a password firewall.
  • Herkhimers Hideaway is the website of Sanderson Smith. He is retired from teaching but he still has materials for use on his site.
  • Mr. Tabor’s AP Stats this is his TeacherWeb site for AP stats. It looks like (in 2011) that he is not adding much to it any more, although he does have some applets created and hosted here.
  • Mr. Roger’s AP Stats has a very good site with lots of resources for his learners here.
  • Mr. Hanson’s AP Stats the STAtistics Zone (as he calls it) hasn’t been updated since 2009, but there are resources here as well.
  • Mr. Lieb’s AP Stats has calculator (TI-83) programs written to help learn and do statitics, as well as some resources. Although I have had problems accessing things on the site.
  • Mr. Laux’s AP Stats has an amazing amount of resources available here! Answers to problems, powerpoints, etc.
  • Mr. Kling’s AP Stats lecture notes, handouts, etc are to be found here.
  • Mr. Pryor’s AP Statsis another very nice site for learners. Lots of links and resources.
  • Mr Frankum(stein) has a selection of nice worksheets and applets on his site as well.
  • Mr Genova has lots of great resources as well. I very much like some of the things he does with his class!
  • Dr. Rash has some fantastic article on his site.
  • Mrs. Krummel has free and paid resources available for AP Stats teachers. I like some of the things she has. Not sure if I would buy any yet though.
  • Mrs. Temple wipes her site every year and rebuilds it as the year goes on. It is useful to see what another teacher is doing and if you are current with someone else.
  • Mrs. Smith organizes everything on a calendar, which is nice to help newer teachers see with other teachers are doing and the order she is doing it in.
  • Christina Wadley has powerpoints she created as well as other materials.
  • Exeter Acadamy has some resources available for AP Statistics as well as resources for all other math classes.
  • Michael Posner is a college professor that is collecting stats videos and articles on his site.
  • Steve Willott is an AP Teacher that attended the #TMC12. Very neat ideas.
  • Penny Smeltzer does AP Workshops & although I have not taken one from her, is rumored to be awesome!
  • Mr. Maestas has many resources and docs as well.
  • Mrs. Julie Kindred is active on Twitter as well as has a very thorough website with materials.
  • Mr. Andy Pethan’s site, and he is a Twittering teacher too.


  1. Here are some fixes for the above links:
    Mr. Pryor: http://www.stoneypryor.com/stat/
    Mr. Laux: Not teaching stats anymore

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