Books & Software

Free printed resources for Statistics

The British Govt has a series of Statistical Literacy Guides available for free

Data Analysis for Politics & Policy (1974) is an excellent stats book

Phillip Stark has both software & a free interactive book on his site

HippoCampus has lots of free books, especially Statistics books!
Statistics software is either REALLY expensive (as you can find out here) or it is free. There are many free software packages to do statistics out there, but you need to search and evaluate.

Free Software for Statistics

Below you will find some statistics packages (not applets) that are totally free for academic use.


I have used Mystat. It is a free version of Systat for academic purposes only. Very worthwhile software for statistics.

Smiths Package

Smiths package is downloadable from this link. It is avaliable for Mac and PC.


StatCrunch is a very unique idea and software. It is not a downloadable package, but it is a web statistics package, as opposed to a single purpose applet. It allows users to share their data, reports and findings.

WinStat Winstat is a package produced by Peanut Software. There are also many other statistics programs on this site.


Statcato used to be called MountieTab. It is a Java based program, that may not have enough options for an AP Stats course.

R Project

Ris a professional level program for doing statistics. It is overkill for the AP Stats course, but if you really had a desire to teach professional level software, go for it!

Ben Miller’s
Free Stats
is another college professor who has written his own software.

Finally, these last two links are collections of free and not so free software that others have compiled. Just so you can see the tremendous amount of options available.

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