Data Sources

There is no one place to find good data for statistics projects, but here are some of my favorite places to look (in no particular order).

The GSS or General Social Survey is a fabulous place to look for data that is relevant and easy to use.

National Center for Ed Stats   US Census Burea  Transportation Data  

Auto & highway safety    Gallup polls   Public Policy Polling

Bureau of Labor   CDC   DatabaseOlympics  UN Data


Amy Hogan (@alittlestats) has many sources as well.

A huge collection of data sources from Whatcom Community College.


If you need random numbers, here is the Rand Corporations text, A Million Random Digits!

The Pew Internet Center has amazing research, but even better, they are posting their ORIGINAL DATA SETS! in .csv format! This could be amazing for use in AP Stats.

If you would like some data on cell phone and texting behaviors, the most recent Pew study is available.

If you just want the report: 2010’s report in PDF format.

Or some research on Texting and driving. Article 1 and Article 2. Article 2 is about how dangerous Texting and driving is, and it shows the research, while Article 1 is a news story. The Texting and Driving issue gets more info: Article 3.

If you just want data and research on Vehicles & Safety, try Monash University’s Vehicle Research Center.

How to beat scratch off tickets? Yup, a statistician figured out how!

An article on how statistics don’t lie, people do when they don’t pay attention.

How about an article from the NYTimes on the DATA Driven Life? It is worth the read.

And if you really want something to worry about, watch this video on the 1918 Flu epidemic. from George Mason University is a terrific site that reviews articles from many other sites.

Want a job? How about as a sports statistician? many jobs available!

Or you just want more baseball statistics than you ever wanted?

All the data in the world will not help you if you do not visualize the data well, however. Below are some sites for good and bad (and some really bad) data visualizations.

Best & Worst Stats Graphs

How to make good graphs, but get bad information (from JunkCharts)
And of course, there are some statistics organizations that can help as well.

ASA and the