NVHS – AP Statistics

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Our textbook is Stats: Modeling the World, 3rd Ed., by Bock, Velleman & De Veaux.

Interact Math is a site that will help you with homework problems. Choose our book and author from the drop down list.

JMP is the software you have access to, and I use in class for demonstrations.

Period 2 Reminds:
Period 3 Reminds:
Period 5 Reminds:

Free Android Stats Software

If you have an Android phone, there are several free packages you can install that will do almost all of the AP Stats curriculum on your phone! Perfect for when you are out with your friends and need to do a Z-Test!

  • StatDist A statistical package for the phone. Nice!
  • QuickStat Another stats package
  • NormStat Probably the easiest to use of the three stats apps

Free TI-83 app for Android

Yup, you saw correctly! A free app called Andy-83 that is keystroke identical to the TI-83. Can you use it on the exam? No. If you want more features, Andie-Graph is from the same developer. It is configurable to 5 different TI calculators.