Welcome to Algebra 2!

This site is set up to help you catch up if you are absent, fill any gaps in your knowledge if you are struggling and help you succeed in any way I can.

Use the links across the top or the search box to find the materials you need.


If you need the software to read PDF’s, you can download the Foxit Reader software (small, fast and free) or the Adobe Reader (larger, slower and free.)

Algebra 2 Textbook site Our textbook is completely online also. If you want to access the online version and stop carrying it, see me for the code.


A little help with the calculators is sometimes needed.  If you need some, go to this site. It has help for all the calculators except the nSpire.

If you want to use an online FREE calculator, Here is “Desmos: A Better Calculator” to use. It is FREE and the BEST thing out there to do math on the web.